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Empowered Mammas

Empowering women to trust their instincts throughout their

pregnancy, breastfeeding and birth journeys.


What is Empowered Mommas?

Empowered Mammas is a comprehensive program designed to empower women through education and support.


Empowered Mammas utilizes The Beautiful Breastfeeding Program which is a face-to-face comprehensive guide to birth and breastfeeding. This program is lead by a Certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator (not a lactation consultant). Preparing for your birth and breastfeeding journey during pregnancy will allow you to be empowered to trust your instinct during your birth experience and to initiate breastfeeding. You will learn how to initiate pain-free breastfeeding and be prepared with the knowledge you need to avoid and address common breastfeeding complications. You will also lifetime membership to the Breastfeeding Club with 24/7 guidance and support.

Mental Health:

Empowered Mammas offers a weekly therapy support group for women that are either pregnant or in the post-partum period. This group is lead by a Licensed Professional Counselor and can be billed to insurance.


Tessa Saindon

Tessa Saindon is a mother, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and a Certified Thompson Method Breastfeeding Educator. Tessa also holds two certifications in Nutrition and Mental Health. While most of her professional counseling career has been focused on families and children, her focused shifted after experiencing a traumatic birth experience with her son. She quickly realized the lack of support for women during their pregnancy and post-partum periods, as well as the lack of breastfeeding education and support. Tessa’s goal in starting the Empowered Mammas program was to empower women to take control of their pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding journey, through education and individualized support.


Ketzia Shafer

Ketzia is a birth doula, photographer and a mamma to a three year old. She trained with the Doula Training Center in southern Oregon, and is a Traditional Health Care Worker. She is passionate about trauma informed care, informed consent, and positive experiences in birth and parenting.

A beautiful and empowered breastfeeding journey begins during pregnancy.

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